Welcome to Kaleidoscope

Scope’s online learning platform to help develop creative problem-solving skills and and take on complex issues with multiple root causes.

We're starting off with delivering learning to apply human-centered design (HCD) for social impact, something Scope has extensive experience in.
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What is HCD?

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HCD is a creative problem-solving process that involves working with people directly impacted by an issue to understand their perspectives and collaborate with them to co-design, test, and iterate new solutions. This participatory design process can lead to innovative products, services, and systems that are more responsive to people’s needs and more likely to be adopted and sustained.
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Getting Started with HCD

Learn the basics of human-centered design with HCD Basics

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Kaleidoscope Features

Engaging & Interactive Learning 

Kaleidoscope’s learning content is intended for a wide range of professionals from advisors and implementers to design practitioners and organisations, and it can be tailored and individualised to different learner types.

Expert Knowledge

Content developed with knowledge and insights from experts with vast experience working in the field to deliver social impact with world-renowned organisations.

Real World Case Studies

Content featuring examples and case studies from Scope Impact's vast experience in applying HCD for wicked problems related to health, gender, equality and climate.

Hands On Activities

All our learning content is crafted to provide opportunities to apply the learning in a practical and hands on way.

Shareable Certificate

Get a certificate upon completion of the courses to share your learning with the world, even via LinkedIn. 
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