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Kaleidoscope is Scope Impact’s learning platform for delivering content, resources, tools, and activities to help learners develop creative problem-solving skills and take on complex issues with multiple root causes.

Our content is designed to create an engaging, inspiring, and fun learning experience in a way that drives mindset change towards new ways of doing things. The learning materials are rooted in context and culture, leveraging trends and futures with a strong emphasis on community building and working collaboratively

The platform’s initial focus is on delivering learning to apply human-centered design (HCD) for social impact. In Scope’s work, we constantly leverage HCD to make change happen and know how HCD can be applied practically in different contexts.

Kaleidoscope was born out of our wish to share our multidisciplinary expertise, resources, case studies, and best practices in designing for social impact and transferring HCD skills and processes with a broader network of professionals tackling complex global challenges.

Experience Kaleidoscope through our first course, HCD Basics 

Scope Impact 

Scope is a social impact company that works to accelerate social change at scale. We are based in Helsinki, Finland, and our work in equality, gender, and health spans Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Since 2008, Scope has leveraged creativity, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and people-centred approaches to drive real, lasting change in underrepresented communities globally.

Our specialisations include applying HCD, creative communications, futures thinking, and skills transfer to tackle systemic challenges.
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