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HCD Basics

Learn about the process, methods, principles, and tools of human-centered design (HCD), with rich media content, interactive learning materials, practical hands-on activities, and real-world case studies.

The content is linked to a public health context but is suitable for anyone interested in understanding HCD and applying the innovation process to their work.

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Time Needed

8 Hours


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learning methods and goals

Understanding HCD

  • Interactive Content
  • Case studies
  • Practical examples

This course will help you understand the value of human-centered design (HCD), learn the primary parts of the process, and gain an introductory knowledge of methods and tools used along the way. While the course focuses on improving healthcare service delivery and addressing public health challenges, HCD can be applied to tackle a variety of complex systemic issues.

Core Nigeria

Content for HCD Basics was developed primarily for the Core Nigeria programme, which supports public health practitioners with human-centered design (HCD) skills transfer and works to institutionalise creative problem solving and innovation skills and mindsets. The project supports Nigerian health system actors and organisations to improve essential primary healthcare services in the context of COVID-19, while also identifying transformational strategies to improve systems and services beyond the pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HCD?

Human-centered design (HCD) is a holistic approach that utilises collaborative methods and a human-centered focus to collect inspiration from and design with the people affected by a problem or involved in its solution.

Who is this course for?

Anyone and everyone! If you want to learn the basics of HCD, this course is for you. 

Do I need any prior design knowledge?

Not at all! This course is designed for anyone to be able to pick up the basics of HCD, no previous background knowledge or design experience is required.

Why does HCD matter?

The HCD process has the potential to increase the success and impact of interventions because it:
  • Focuses on human behaviour, motivations, and emotions with contextual nuances.
  • Breaks silos, bringing together different expertise and experiences to experiment with new ideas.
  • Can improve efficiency and reduce risks through early user testing and iteration.

Scope Impact Oy

Course Creators
This course was set up as a collaborative effort of the team at Scope Impact Oy. We draw on years of design expertise, especially in the public health space, and use that expertise to provide the content, examples, and hands-on activities that you'll encounter during the course. Enjoy!
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