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Better or Worse

Better or worse is an idea generation method that encourages your team to generate ideas that are both useful and counterproductive to your design challenge.

Generating ideas in this way encourages your team to see new opportunities even in challenges. You will build upon areas that you think will improve your solution concept, while ideas that are designed to worsen the concept will be inverted and used as inspiration for improvements.
What it's great for

Uncovering New Ideas Even in Challenges

The Better or Worse tool is great:
  • For generating novel ideas.

  • For encouraging people to see opportunity in challenges

What Do You Need?

  • Card sorting cards
  • Papers & pen or pencil
    (for note taking)

Time Frame

1.5 Hours

Group Size

1 - 3

A Tool to Find Opportunities in Challenges

This activity will provide your team with a diverse set of ideas that you can use to further refine and improve your solution concept.

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