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Empathy Map

Empathy Maps use a specific group of experiences and needs as an organising principle to help you empathise with the people for whom are designing. They help you better understand the motivations of your target groups as well as how the context shapes those motivations.
What it's great for

Creating Empathy for People and their Needs

The Empathy Map tool is great:
  • For understanding the key motivations of your target groups.

  • For understanding how the context in which the target groups exist, shapes their motivations

What Do You Need?

  • Templates
    (or large canvas)
  • Sticky Notes
    (in multiple colours)
  • Markers

Time Frame

1.5 Hours

Group Size

4 - 10

A Tool to Map out the Pains and Gains

The tool allows for the selection of a target group to map out their pains and gains. 

Pains are negative aspects that could include undesirable situations, unwanted risks, barriers to goals, and negative emotions.

Gains are not the opposite of pains, but rather the target group’s aspirations, current or desired benefits, and positive emotions.

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