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Personas are archetypes formed as a semi-fictional representation of service users or providers based on research data. They help to create empathy for people and to avoid using one’s self as a reference point in the design process. 
What it's great for

Centering the Needs of your Target Audience

The Persona tool is great:
  • For understanding your target groups and sub-groups within them.

  • For highlighting motivations, needs, fears, and other emotions or behaviours common to a particular subset of people.

  • For articulating learnings from research on your target groups to internal and external partners, clients, and participant groups.

What Do You Need?

  • Printed template
    (or empty papers)
  • Markers

Time Frame

45 minutes

Group Size

1 - 5

A Tool to Keep a Person-Centred Focus

The tool provides a holistic view of typical service users or providers, allowing the team to pay better attention to character-specific needs and keep a person-centred focus when moving through the design process. The outcomes are completed persona templates with project-specific aspects highlighted.

Download the full template and
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